Thought Leadership

At Flying Cloud Solutions (FCS), we are committed to advancing the field of learning and development through continuous research, thought leadership, and active engagement with the community. Our dedication to thought leadership is demonstrated through our participation in conferences, contributions to industry blogs, magazines, and other outlets, and the upcoming release of our “Look for the Learning” podcast. We invite you to leverage our expertise for your events or initiatives, ensuring your organization stays at the forefront of educational innovation.


Research and Reporting

FCS is deeply invested in conducting cutting-edge research that drives the future of learning and development. Our findings are shared through various channels to inform and inspire the educational community.

  • Services Include:
    • Conducting Original Research
    • Publishing Whitepapers and Reports
    • Presenting at Industry Conferences

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support

Our team of experts is available to provide SME support for your initiatives. Whether you need insights for a project, strategic guidance, or expert opinions, FCS can offer the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.

  • Services Include:
    • Providing SME Consultation
    • Offering Strategic Guidance for Educational Projects
    • Participating in Advisory Panels

Industry Engagement

We actively engage with the learning and development community by participating in conferences, webinars, and other professional gatherings. Our insights help shape the conversation around current trends and future directions in education.

  • Services Include:
    • Speaking Engagements at Conferences and Events
    • Hosting and Participating in Webinars
    • Facilitating Workshops and Panels

Content Creation and Sharing

Our commitment to thought leadership extends to creating and sharing valuable content through our blog, upcoming podcast, and other media. We provide insights, tips, and strategies that help educators and organizations thrive.

  • Services Include:
    • Blogging on Educational Trends and Innovations
    • Producing the “Look for the Learning” Podcast
    • Sharing Best Practices and Case Studies

Why Choose Flying Cloud Solutions for Thought Leadership?

  • Proven Expertise: Our team is composed of leading experts in the field of learning and development, with a track record of impactful research and innovation.
  • Active Engagement: We are actively involved in shaping the future of education through conferences, blogs, and our upcoming podcast.
  • Comprehensive Support: From research to SME consultation, we offer a wide range of services to support your organization’s goals.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to thought leadership ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of educational trends and practices.



White Papers and Reports


Zotero Groups

Flying Cloud Solutions is committed to knowledge sharing to drive innovation across communities. As such, we actively maintain and post links, articles we reference, books, and other resources within shared Zotero community groups. Feel free to join one, access what we have shared, and share your resources!

Training Magazine Network

This is an open group supporting the Training Magazine Network we developed alongside their conferences to capture resources that were being shared throughout their events. 

Educational Game-Based Learning / Gamification / Serious Games

This international open group actively shares resources on gamification in learning design. 

AHTR – Art History Teaching Resources

This is an open group to allow the sharing of scholarship related to the study of teaching and learning in art history.