Flying Cloud Solutions has partnered with The Center for Accelerated learning to investigate the development of new editions of their products and services tailored for the current and future of training and education. Key to this partnership, we will deliver new editions of CourseBuilder, A.L. on Deck, and seek the addition of digital products. For services, we are looking to assist The Center for Accelerated Learning in expanding their reach through training, certifications, and expanding their consulting abilities to transform organization learning cultures. 

Flying Cloud Solutions has partnered with Engaging Virtual Meetings to develop and help deliver Engaging Virtual Meetings Academy. This is a fully gamified community of practice centered around John Chen’s ENGAGE method. Within the academy, members will be able to gain engagement points and coin to drive a knowledge economy supported by webquests, virtual events, conferences, and opportunities for certification. 

As a certified facilitator of Sententia Gamification’s training, Flying Cloud Solutions is able to deliver training for Level 1 gamification certifications. Level 1 sets you on your journey toward gamification master craftsmanship and brings you into the fold with a growing and extremely engaged community of practice. Flying Cloud Solutions is often asked to support work done by Sententia Gamification, often in the design and delivery of their training at various events.