Flying Cloud Solutions remains flexible to provide design thinking solutions to your project needs from proposal to completion. Below you will find a list of services categorized according to the ADDIE design model, a model that is natural fit for design thinking methodologies. We can assist with part or all of your project phases. Contact us today to learn more about these services and schedule a consultation.



We will work with you to develop your proposal whether it be a bid on a government contract or developing a grant proposal to fund scholarly research.



Before you start your next educational initiative, we will work with you to identify audience characteristics, workforce needs, and identify required resources aligned with potential delivery methods.



Based on identified goals and aligned with audience expectations, we will  develop clear learning objectives and align teaching and assessment strategies to deliver a clear road map for developing, implementing, and evaluating your program.



We will work with you, subject matter experts, and any identified vendors to manage project development and infrastructure for on-time delivery. 



The program has been developed, but bringing it to market often comes with further challenges. We will work with you on your implementation strategy assuring that your learning program is properly delivered through technology or that instructors are properly prepared to engage with the intended audience.



We will help you to assess your learning program based on the intended outcomes and with Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model. Assessments are also important for adjusting programs to assure that they continually meet intended goals. Let us help you to assure that you learning programs remain relevant.