Fall 2021 Training Market Report

By Josh Yavelberg, PhD
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October and November of 2021 have provided a marathon of training and development conference events. These events included DevLearn 2021 held in Las Vegas, Nevada and a series of virtual conferences including TechLearn, Camp GamiCon, and at the time of writing this, two additional conferences will be held next week which are Learning 2021 and a Learning Engagement Summit. Attending these conferences have provided some new insights into the current state of instructional design with some interesting insights into new trends. Flying Cloud Solutions has compiled notes on themes from these various conferences, many of which largely share the same speakers providing similar sessions at each event. Flying Cloud Solutions also conducted analysis of the vendors and sponsors to these events noting themes from pre-COVID-19 to today. This report provides a summary analysis of the market as a resource to those who may not have had the opportunity to engage with these events. This report describes major themes from 2021 including:
  • pandemic adjustments, 
  • the growth of training industry conglomerates, 
  • growing tends such as mobile learning, chat bots, AR, VR, 3D animation, microlearning, and AI,
  • the rise of experience design,
  • hacking,
  • the importance of project management,
  • data, and
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
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