At Flying Cloud Solutions, we specialize in transforming learning experiences and guiding organizations through their unique challenges. Whether you’re a higher education institution looking to modernize your programs or an association aiming to engage members and drive ROI, our expert team is here to help. Leveraging our deep expertise in design thinking and strategic innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your needs. We can assist with part or all of your project phases. Contact us today to learn more about these services and schedule a consultation.

Learning Business Strategy and Support

Providing strategic guidance for lifelong learning success. Learn how we help organizations navigate the complexities of learning business strategy, from planning to execution, ensuring sustainable and impactful programs. Empowering associations, non-profits, and other organizations navigate lifelong learning strategies and the business of professional development. Understand how we address the unique challenges of managing learning programs and engaging members or employees, developing virtual, hybrid and on-ground learning experiences and communities of practice that drive ROI and enhance engagement. 

Higher Education Consulting

Empowering post-secondary education to embrace the shifting paradigms in adult education. Explore how we support the accreditation journey, enhance student engagement, support lifelong learning, and achieve strategic goals through upskilling, credentialing, and digital badging for undergraduate and beyond.

Experience Design and Development

Creating impactful experiences that engage and inspire. Discover how our cutting-edge design practices can transform your vision into reality, making experiences both meaningful and memorable and driving measurable change.

Gamification and Serious Games

Engaging through play. See how we harness the power of games and gamification principles to create transformative experiences leveraging motivation linked with mechanics to drive individuals toward intended objectives. We apply this lens within our design practice but also are certified trainers capable of upskilling your workforce in gamification.

Learning Management Support

We have found that many small organizations require additional support navigating learning management and we are here to help. We specialize in navigating the learning management system (LMS) landscape, assist with platform selection, migration, and have tiered support systems so that we can become your growth partner supporting your organizational learning management journey. 

Thought Leadership

Leading the way in learning innovation. Stay ahead with our insights and expertise, driving the conversation on learning modernization and strategic innovation to help you lead organizational transformation. We also provide subject matter experts (SMEs) to support your efforts as required.